Now You Can Travel Without Spending A Lot

 Now You Can Travel Without Spending A Lot

Because here at we are dedicated to help you stretch your dollars as much as you can so we are giving you today some money saving tips when traveling. With this awesome budget travel tips, traveling doesnt need to be expensive. You can enjoy without spending a lot.

Choose the right travel time
It’s all about timing! The price of flights varies considerably depending on the month, day and even time of travel. Of course, flights and vacation packages will skyrocket in price every summer or every holidays. So choose to go off-season. Anyway, much of Europe still has beautiful weather come September, but with kids back at school, Not only will it be cheaper but it will also be more relaxing as there’s going to be a much lesser crowd. Also avoid the weekends and probably choose Wednesday instead.

Fly indirect
If you have a lot of time to spare and also wants to go as much places as you can, then consider a flight with a stop-over. It is cheaper plus you’ll get to visit more place than you can because those connecting flights usually allow you to have an extra 4-8hhours to explore the added stop over.

Pre-book everything
Pre booking everything will cost you less rather than getting a service right on the spot. Book everything from hotels, car rentals, tourist guides and even your airport parking. If you need to leave your car at the airport for the duration of your trip, be sure to book your parking too in advance.

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BYO food on board
Nowadays many airlines charge for food on board and this is much expensive than food outside.. So save yourself a small fortune by taking along your own snacks instead of buying them on the plane or in the airport.

Beat the baggage fees by wearing them
If you’re worried about excess baggage charges, why not wear your extra items instead of cramming them into your case? There are some fantastic products on the market that let you take additional belongings on your person ensuring they won’t count as excess baggage. A luggage jacket combined with a good hand-luggage bag will get you the absolute maximum amount of luggage on a plane, without having to pay any check-in costs.

Try an alternative accommodation instead of a hotel
Over the last few years there’s been an explosion of alternative accommodations which can let you save money. There are locals that allow people to rent their spare rooms, or the whole apartment and will also allow you to house swap. Sites like AirBnB have transformed accomodation options. Not only it is cheaper but the experience is far richer and you can meet friendly locals.

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Eat like a local
Having a food adventure is a part of the joy of travelling. it apparently also help in saving money because if you eat like a local, you’ll probably eat cheaper. From $1 bowls of noodles in Vietnam to backstreet French bistros, produce is usually locally sourced and tastier, rather than imported. If they’ve had to ship a tin of baked beans 4000 miles, it’s not going to come cheap! Another top tip is stocking up from the hotel buffet breakfast and shopping in local supermarkets for lunch

Be A Techie
In the era of technology and gadgets, your smart phone can be a handy money-saving travel buddy. There are apps on the market for everything including: travel guides, maps, phrasebooks, and even flashlights (in case you get lost in the dark). Download these and you’ll save not only a wad of cash on paper travel guides, maps and phrasebooks but also a lot of space in your case meaning less chance of excess baggage charges.

Save Money In Your Travel Insurance
Other travelers want to travel with insurance but we all know that it is very seldom that you get to use this. So just leave the travel insurance out of your budget. But if you cant, at least choose a cheaper one.

Switch To E-cigarettes And Save Money Today

switch to ecigs Switch To E cigarettes And Save Money Today

This week, we’ve found some awesome electronic cigarette coupons from! They’ve got V2 cigs coupons, Green Smoke Coupons and Apollo Cigs Coupons. These coupons will help you save money on your vaping cost. Vaping has so many advantages! Not only does vaping electronic cigarettes allow you the freedom to get the nicotine your body craves in the comfort of the indoors it also allows you to smell nicer, look nicer and help you save money! The cost of a pack of tobacco cigarettes continuously rise as the government want to increase tobacco taxes over and over again. Electronic cigarettes on the other hand dont have taxes.

Electronic Vs. Tobacco Cost Breakdown

According to the Federation of Tax Administrators, a pack of cigarettes costs around $6.15 on average. Therefore, a pack-a-day smoker is likely to spend around $1,500/year in a low-tax-state—and as much as $5,000 in a high-tax-state like New York where a pack can average $13. This makes price tag for the average smoker around $2,250/year.

Most brands of disposable vapor cigarette cartridges are equivalent of roughly 1.5 to 2 packs of tobacco cigarettes and cost between $6 and $10 apiece. This means that yearly, smokeless ceigarettes will set you back roughly $1,100 to 1,800. Depending on whether you like in a low-or high-tax state, you could stand to save several hundred dollars a year.

The first consideration for someone looking to switch is whether to buy a disposable smokeless cig, or to buy a starter kit. Although starter kits have a bigger up-front investment, they offer the biggest savings in the long run.

Most disposable vapor cigarettes say they’re equivalent to about 2 packs of cigarettes and cost $6 to $10 apiece, meaning they’d cost about $1,100 to $1,800 a year, for savings of several hundred dollars a year. Savings for using a starter kit are much higher as they are reusable.

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